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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Walking in Nature

Yesterday, I visited the Silver Lake Nature Center, in Bristol, Pa. with three of my grandchildren, ages 20 months, 3 years and 6 years old. I have been wanting to take them there for some time, and what fun we had looking at the butterfly garden that had all sorts of wild flowers, a beautiful pond with constant flowing water through the rocks. There was an exhibit inside their building that exhibit a model of habitats of birds and other wild animals. A cute brown and tan turtle was swimming in an aquarium.

The nature store there is full of all kinds of bird feeders, nature books, childrens coloring books, rocks, animal toys, and many other types of items associated with nature. The children all bought something from the store. My granddaughter(6), bought a rubber reptile snake. She just had to have it.

There was several trails that lead to the lake and the Silver Lake Park. When we came from out of the trail, it was like getting back to civilization. The children probably thought that they would be living in the woods as it was a long walk with nothing but you and nature. It is a weird feeling if you are constantly bombarded with tv, cars, streets, internet, and the whole gamut of life that is so contrasted to this peacefulness. Though the children loved the walk, the 3 and 6 year old took off for the childrens playland area, leaving me and the 20 month old behind. His mom forgot to bring his stroller, and so he walked the whole trail.

I took pictures with my new cam recorder of the whole trail walk and the geese at the lake. There wa a photographer there that day that too, taking pictures or video quietly. I did not want to disturb what he was doing. He look like he was on assignment.

Though this trip was spontaneous, it might be a good idea to hydrate before your trail walk and wear a good walking shoe. I had to buy the 3 year old a pair of suitable shoes at a nearby Kmart because his mother put on him some oversize sandals. Not good for any kind of walking. Taking a small backpack with water is helpful because you will be surprise how thirty you become after a walk-even a short walk if it's warm.

It was indeed an enjoyable day. I am hoping that more and more people visit the Nature Centers and zoos all over America and share your experience with friends and family. And another final note is that when you return to a beautiful nature center or park such as that, you will find that it is a different scene each and every time you go there. The walking is good exercise for you too-but most of all, it is about the peacefulness that will help you renew your spirit and re-enter the world with a different perspective on life. And. . . fresh air!!!

Thelma Harcum

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