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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Hit and Run

I've been reading the Amazon reviews for the new Simpsons: Hit and Run game. I believe it's available on both PS2 and Xbox. From what I've read so far, they've made some vast improvements over Simpsons Road Rage.

I'm not a huge gamer, so I took the good with the bad on Road Rage. The graphics are poor and the game play is extremely repetitive. Little Easter Eggs like having Apu dressed as Santa when you play the game on Christmas Day were nice, but it isn't a game I've invested a lot of time in, although I still do play it occasionally.

The reviews I've read of Hit and Run (which is more of a GTA kind of game) are pretty promising. Apparently the graphics are much improved, and the interface is a lot more diverse and not so simplified. I haven't played the game yet, so many of the positives and negatives are lost on me.

However, one of the frequent negatives does stand out. Many people say that the missions are repetitive, only increasing in difficulty. I wonder what games these people play and why they would even chance a game such as this. Looking at the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games that I love so much, there is a lot of repetition. Many of the missions on each level are the same but with increasing difficulty. Fine by me, I keep playing. Any sports video game is going to be that way. Even a lot of GTA Vice City was repetitious. Chase down this person, whack them with a golf club. Chase down that person, whack them with a chainsaw. Later, Rinse, Repeat.

If that's the biggest qualm that a lot of these people have about this game, then I'm feeling pretty positive with it. Granted, those that have bought it already are either gaming freaks or Simpsons nuts, or a combination of the two, so they're going to be both the most critical and the most fanatical. Myself being one of those that is a sucker for most things Simspons related, I know that it's a foregone conclusion that I'll get this game and waste many an hour on it. Between this and Tony Hawk UnderGround looks like me and my PS2 will become quite good friends this winter.

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