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Monday, April 23, 2007


Political Pictures?

Subhankar Banerjee is a nature photographer. He had gone up to the notorious A.N.W.R. and taken some pictures. Then, the Smithsonian offered him a major exhibition in its grand rotunda. However, the exhibit was shortly relocated to an out-of-the-way gallery and the captions, which had already been approved, were stripped from the photos.

The rationale, according to Smithsonian staffer Lawrence Small, was that the captions "Contained statements that might have been constued as advocacy for a particular position on ANWR". Yeah, captions like "Muskox herd on foothills along the Hulahula River; Romanzof Mountains in the background" and "Polar bear approaches whale bones from the previous years' hunt on frozen Bernard Harbor in early June".

Anyways, the photographs are gorgeous, and you can find them here in a slide-show format on the Sierra Club website. Banerjee's personal site can be found here and it includes many more beautiful pictures.

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